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Residential Building Services Limited (RBS) is a high performing team of professionals that provides businesses in the Residential Building Sector with a range of support services, freeing them up to focus on their core strengths. Two of their main clients are Jennian Homes & Milestone Homes.


Moving away from paper-based system and can now see what is happening across the group in real-time.


Franchisees saw a significant number of people now reporting incidents and observations properly.


Can now monitor and report access control on all projects across all franchises.

How RBS utilised SiteConnect for Jennian Homes

We found that before SiteConnect, we didn’t have any idea what our franchisees were doing in regards to Health & Safety. All of this information would have to be introduced in review meetings, which was often a little too late. With SiteConnect, we can see what is happening across the group in real-time.

Julia McConeHealth & Safety Co-ordinator at RBS at Milestone Home

SiteConnect gave my team the tools needed to react to an accident on-site quickly. It gave me peace-of-mind that the incident was investigated properly and the risks mitigated for the future.

Nigel SmithNational Franchisor at Milestone Homes

Testing multiple solutions to find the right fit

Integrated, Modern & Engaging Health & Safety Solution

Unique features that put SiteConnect ahead of the pack

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