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Contractor safety management software

  • Training and prequalification overview
  • Document depository
  • Contractor safety plan management
  • Contractor compliance scoring
  • Expiry date notifications
  • Contractor self-serve portal
Worker using the siteconnect easy to use safety app
  • Compliance risk: Non-compliance with legal and regulatory requirements can lead to fines and legal issues.
  • Operational inefficiency: Managing contractors with manual or disjointed systems can be inefficient and error-prone.
  • Poor communication and collaboration: Miscommunication with contractors can lead to project delays and operational inefficiencies.
  • Safety and risk management: Overlooking safety standards and risk assessments can lead to workplace incidents and reputational harm.
  • Lack of transparency and accountability: Without a centralised system, it’s difficult to maintain transparency and accountability in contractor management.
  • Time and attendance via QR codes or geofencing
  • Contractor and visitor sign in via a kiosk
  • Standardised inductions
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Time on site/persons on site reporting

“SiteConnect fits into that ‘easy to use’ category, which has been vital for the success of the system. In a nutshell, SiteConnect is easy to use and relevant.”

Compliance ManagerCommercial Property Company in Auckland

SiteConnect has given me a chance to remove myself from the compliance part of Health & Safety, giving me the tools to communicate with our staff way more efficiently.

The guys now know Health & Safety doesn’t have to be a headache.

Solutions built to meet your goals

Siteconnect sign in management and geofencing software

Sign in 

Record all site visitors with geofencing, kiosks and simple inductions.

Siteconnect digital forms software

Digital forms

Eliminate paperwork, automate routine tasks, and build forms customised to your business.

Siteconnect safety risk management software


Communicate risk and reduce incidents through risk registers and incident reporting.

Siteconnect contractor management software


Manage your contractor’s prequalification and safety management plans.

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