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Step 1 – Download our SiteConnect App

Go to the app store and download our SiteConnect Site Management and Health & Safety software app. 

Step 2 – Accept Notifications

When opening the app for the first time you will be prompted to accept the following: 

  • Monitoring motion and fitness activity (to save battery life)
  • GPS Tracking (only if required)
  • Push Notifications

Step 3 – Login

Login using your own login email address and password.  

If you don’t have an account, contact the health and safety manager responsible for SiteConnect. 

You can also reset your password, by tapping ‘Forgot your password?’.

Step 4 – Update Your Contact Information

Make sure your contact information is relevant by opening the side menu and tapping on your name.

Step 5 – Validate Your Contact Information

Validate your contact information and you can optionally upload a profile picture.

Tap the save button when done.

Step 6 – Dashboard > Site Access

On the dashboard you will see a list of all your tasks and sites you have access to. 

  • The green dots represents you being onsite. 
  • Tap a site to acknowledge the site induction. 
  • If you are not onsite, scan the QR code to sign in. 

Step 7 – Hazards & Site Details

Read the hazards and site details as it is part of your daily site induction and acknowledgement.

Step 8 – Acknowledgements

Acknowledge the daily site induction. 

You can only acknowledge the site induction once per day and only when you are onsite.