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Two businesses were taken to court and charged over the loss of life of a worker in the logging industry.

‘Pakiri Logging Limited was fined $468,000 and Ernslaw One Limited’ was fined $288,000’

It’s evident from this example that businesses need to take responsibility for the health & safety of their workforce or face harsh, crippling penalties. 

Communication is an essential practise to ensure the best/appropriate protocols are taken. 

According to WorkSafe, “…the East Coast [fatality] could have been avoided if industry guidance had simple been followed.” 

We couldn’t agree more. This is the harsh reality of an unfortunate event where safety measures are put in place for this very reason.

SiteConnect has been developed to be easy to use and user-focused; allowing all stakeholders to sign in, communicate and engage with the health & safety system.

According to WorkSafe’s Area Manager, Danielle Henry, “This highlights the importance of clear communication and the need to follow industry practice – especially in a high-risk industry.”

Sadly, this case couldn’t emphasise more of the importance for businesses to ensure work is being done efficiently, safely and to high industry standards. 

Tragic accidents can see valued workers injured or killed which takes effect on families, friends, workers and the wider community. 

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