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Technology has transformed the way the healthcare industry works. 

The possibilities are endless to what can be achieved using digital practices, especially when the online healthcare industry is predicted to reach US$220 billion by 2026.

Aged care demonstrates an issue from the past as they have taken a more hesitant approach to technology, instead of investing in physical infrastructure like beds. This has worked for a while, however, this strategy is falling apart as the digital world grows!

The realisation of systemic change is needed at all levels to innovate, look after and grow businesses. 

Our software excels in providing technology to encourage the best health and safety practices. 

Australia’s Royal Commission found Aged Care and Quality and Safety needs to utilise technology for significant improvement.

Software applications play a large role here in the workforce! Here at SiteConnect, we help DHB’s through to age care facilities with safety, sign-in, interactive forms, contractor management and communication- the list goes on! You can find our full list here.

Users who grasp this technology quickly see an increase in engagement! While others are left behind risking the health and safety of their business and workers. 

There is no shortage of what we can offer here at SiteConnect! We are passionate about bringing technology together with business processes. Having a place where data is organised, easy to use and readily available for each business to operate safely and effectively.

We have two main goals: Simple for daily use and must be focused on improving business outcomes and keeping their workers safe. 

Having static software isn’t enough. Luckily, we are continuously improving and innovating our technology to ensure we meet the best health and safety practices. Systemic change is constantly needed to drive the healthcare industry.