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Have you recently thought about silica dust in the workplace and the dangers of inhaling silica dust?

When people breathe silica dustthey inhale tiny particles of the mineral silica, which causes extreme scarring and stiffening of the lung making it difficult to breathe. Having silicosis also increases the risk of other health problems, including tuberculosis, lung cancer and chronic bronchitis.

I recently saw a young man grinding bricks with no dust mask on.  When I spoke to him about the dangers of silica dust, he was shocked and had no idea of the risks he was exposing himself to by not wearing his PPE.  He promised from now on he would always wear his mask.

Dust in the workplace information by Worksafe

Do you need help in training your staff in the importance of wearing their PPE and ensuring that you remain compliant with the HSWA 2015?

Please contact me on email or call me on 0800 748 763 and we can discuss a programme to keep your staff healthy and safe.

Stay safe!
Theresa Harper
SiteConnect’s In-House Health & Safety Advisor