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We have been receiving enquires in relation to whether or not you are required to display the Government QR Tracing Code as well as signing in with the SiteConnect QR code and the answer is ‘YES’ you do.

The reason for this is that the SiteConnect QR code is only linked to our organisation for your health and safety requirements where as the Government QR Tracing code is linked to the Ministry of Health so they have instant access to contacting anyone that has been on your site or in your business. You do not have any access to this information.  It is purely for the use of the individual and the Ministry of Health should they need to contact that person.

Until further notice from the Government all visitors / contractors / employees on your sites or at your businesses need to scan the Government QR code.

They only need to do this on entrance to the site and do NOT need to scan it again when they leave.  They will also need to continue to scan the SiteConnect QR code in and out as this is for your business needs.

Should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at or freephone 0800 748 763.

Ministry of Health COVID-19 Tracing App

Below is the link to all the information on the Government QR code and how to generate it.

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