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Safety Dashboard Software Made Easy

Get visibility over your company’s safety management programs. SiteConnect’s safety dashboard software allows your management team to track leading and lagging indicators.

Smarten up your board reporting with SiteConnect.

Say goodbye to hours of CSV and Excel manipulation.

Siteconnect safety reporting and dashboards software

Report, notify, analyse…

Use SiteConnect’s mobile application for reporting safety data such as safety observations and incident forms.

Receive alerts, communication and notifications in real-time.

Log onto the SiteConnect online portal to analyse safety dashboards and charts.

With SiteConnect safety dashboard software you can:

  • Create custom account chart views
  • Add multiple chart types and options
  • Download and export a chart image
  • Filter the data by site, date, user or form

What kind of charts can I utilise in SiteConnect’s safety dashboard software?

Pie charts

Pie charts are handy for safety data because they offer a quick visual snapshot of the proportion of incidents in different categories.

Plus, they make it easy to identify any dominant trends or areas needing more attention at a glance.

Risk matrix tables

Risk matrix tables are great for helping prioritize risks based on likelihood and severity, making it easier to focus on the most critical issues.

They provide a straightforward way to communicate complex risk assessments to stakeholders.

Keep everyone on the same page about the communication of risks.

SiteConnect safety software safety risk management dashboards
SiteConnect safety dashboards reporting bar charts

Horizontal bar charts

Horizontal bar charts are awesome for safety data because they allow for easy comparison across different categories, like types of tags used across different sites or locations.

This makes bar charts a great component of your safety dashboard software.

Verticle bar charts

Verticle bar charts give a clear visual representation of the frequency of data, helping to pinpoint areas needing improvement at a glance.

A good example would be the number of inspections taken each month across a year. This could also be filtered by site or user.

Online form builder for workplace safety horizontal bar charts
Inspections and audits safety dashboard software data table

Data Tables

Data table charts neatly organize your safety data, making it easy to spot trends.

Use the filtering tools to filter the data to your requirements.

Site and location-specific

Site-specific charts are useful as they give insights tailored to particular areas, making it easier to address local safety concerns effectively.

Easily track the high and low-performing sites by using safety dashboard software.

SiteConnect safety software sign in and out dashboards

Learn how to use charts

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